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The Stuttgart Opera is one of Europe’s most important opera houses. It is part of a multi-faceted theatrical complex, the largest theatre of its kind in Europe. Since 2011, it has been directed by Jossi Wieler, the stage director, working alongside Sylvain Cambreling, music director, Eva Kleinitz, director of opera, and Sergio Morabito, director of dramaturgy. With a programme of over 300 performances, the Stuttgart Opera welcomes about 220 000 visitors per season. It has six times been winner of Opera of the Year. The Opera’s chorus is one of the Europe’s finest ensembles and has been awarded nine times the accolade Chorus of the Year.  No stranger to awards of its own, Suttgart’s orchestra  (Orchestra of the Year in 2012) has a 400 year history, making it among the oldest and most respected ensembles in Germany.

Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany


Oper Stuttgart | Bright prospects
Oper Stuttgart | Bright prospects Oper Stuttgart | Bright prospects Oper Stuttgart | Bright prospects

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Oper Stuttgart: L'Ecume des jours


A rare opportunity to see L’ÉCUME DES JOURS by Edison Denisov. Oper Stuttgart’s directing team Jossi Wieler and Sergio Morabito bring out the contemporary drama in a work that moves freely between avant-garde musical styles, opera, jazz and elements inspired by musicals.

Presentation of Jossi Wieler

Oper Stuttgart | Meet Jossi Wieler

Becoming the general manager of an opera? Only in Stuttgart! Jossi Wieler tells what he holds dearly at the Stuttgart opera and why the Stuttgart audience is a very special one.

Oper Stuttgart

Stuttgart Opera has, since 1995, pioneered innovate and long-term work in music education through it Youth Opera department.  The Stuttgart Opera Studio was founded in 2009 to support young singers in their transition from the conservatoire to their early careers.