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Garsington Opera 2016 | EUGENE ONEGIN - Oleksiy Palchykov as Lensky and Roderick Williams as Onegin

Garsington Opera | ONEGIN - Michael Boyd and Douglas Boyd talk to Henrietta Bredin

This production of Eugene Onegin is a first for both Douglas and Michael Boyd (no relation), as conductor and director. In preparation, they worked through the piece together in detail, looking at the score and at a literal translation of the Russian text, discussing dramatic ideas and musical responses. ’It’s the sort of dialogue that Tchaikovsky set up with Pushkin, even though of course they weren’t actually alive at the same time’, says Douglas. ‘Tchaikovsky rather had the upper hand there’, remarks Michael.

Eugene Onegin @ Garsington opera 2016 - Duet

Tchaikovsky – EUGENE ONEGIN

The 2016 season at Garsington Opera brings a second production of EUGENE ONEGIN to THE OPERA PLATFORM. Immortal melodies and heart-rending drama combine to open a window into the Russian soul.

Garsington Opera
24 August 2016 at 20h00 CET