Zelenski - GOPLANA
Zelenski - GOPLANA Zelenski - GOPLANA Zelenski - GOPLANA
Zelenski - GOPLANA
Duration: 02:26:33"

Żeleński - GOPLANA

After Stanisław Moniuszko, Żeleński was the most outstanding Polish opera composer of the late 19th century.  Discover this unfamiliar jewel live from Warsaw with a fairy tale plot; an opera run through with Polish motifs and touching lyricism.

Władysław Żeleński, a composer and teacher at the Warsaw Conservatoire, remains slightly in the shadow of Moniuszko. His GOPLANA is however a very fine piece, its lyricism showing affinity with Moniuszko’s works. Żeleński wove Polish motifs into his music: the polonaise, kujawiak, mazurka and oberek.


With his librettist Ludomił German, who was inspired by the text of Słowacki’s BALLADYNA, they made an almost Shakespearian drama into something of a fairy tale. The protagonist is a goddess of the lake, a fantasy character with a lyrical coloratura voice. The tale nonetheless retains its cruelty: there are three corpses and evil reigns. Director Janusz Wiśniewski has blended these elements into the very distinctive world of his rich imagination. Wiśniewski emerged as leading figure in Polish theatre in the 1980s. 



Edyta Piasecka - Goplana
Karolina Sołomin - Skierka
Anna Bernacka - Pixie
Katarzyna Trylnik - Alina
Wioletta Chodowicz - Balladyna
Małgorzata Walewska - Widow
Arnold Rutkowski - Kirkor
Rafał Bartmiński - Grabiec
Mariusz Godlewski - Kostryn
Jan Żądło - Halberdier
Remy Lamping - Dancer
Choir - Chorus of Polish National Opera
Orchestra - Orchestra of Polish National Opera
Composer - Władysław Żeleński
Libretto - Ludomił German
Music director - Grzegorz Nowak
Director - Janusz Wiśniewski
Choir director - Mirosław Janowski
Sets - Janusz Wiśniewski
Lighting - Felice Ross
Costumes - Janusz Wiśniewski
Video - Ewa Krasucka

Available until

02 May 2017 at 23h59 CET
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The Opera Platform presents Żeleński - GOPLANA from Polish National Opera. Starting 16 January 2017 at 15h01 CET, the opera will be available as video on demand.


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