Le Couronnement de Poppée à l'Opéra de Lille
Le Couronnement de Poppée à l'Opéra de Lille Le Couronnement de Poppée à l'Opéra de Lille Le Couronnement de Poppée à l'Opéra de Lille
Le Couronnement de Poppée à l'Opéra de Lille
06 May 2017 at 00h00 CET
Duration: 03:04:36"


Baroque opera European Opera Days

THE OPERA PLATFORM is proud to present the first period drama in the history of opera. Jean-François Sivadier staged Monteverdi’s take on Poppea, mistress and later empress to Emperor Nero, in 2012 for the Opéra de Lille.

In 2017, we celebrate the 450 anniversary of Claudio Monteverdi, the father of modern opera. All of his operas but three have been lost over the centuries. There remain his ‘favola in musica’ L’ORFEO (ORPHEUS) and his two later works IL RITORNO D’ULISSE IN PATRIA (THE RETURN OF ULYSSES) and L’INCORONAZIONE DI POPPEA (THE CORONATION OF POPPEA).

THE CORONATION OF POPPEA is still considered as particularly innovative for the young musical genre. For the first time it is historical persons and not the gods and heroes of Ancient mythology who are subject to an opera. Poppea, mistress to Emperor Nero, seeks to increase her power. She provokes the rupture between the Emperor and the philosopher Nero and plots against Octavia, Nero’s wife.

Jean-François Sivadier directed this first period piece in the history of opera in spring 2012 at the Opéra de Lille under the baton of Emmanuelle Haïm, baroque music expert and founder of the ensemble Le Concert d‘Astrée.


Sonya Yoncheva - Poppea
Max Emmanuel Cencic - Nerone
Ann Hallenberg - Ottavia
Tim Mead - Ottone
Paul Whelan - Seneca
Amel Brahim-Djelloul - Drusilla
Rachid Ben Abdeslam - Nutrice / Famigliare di Seneca
Emiliano Gonzalez Toro - Arnalta
Orchestra - Orchestra of the Opéra de Lille
Composer - Claudio Monteverdi
Music director - Emmanuelle Haïm
Director - Jean-François Sivadier
Sets - Alexandre de Dardel

Available until

04 June 2017 at 23h59 CET


The Opera Platform presents Monteverdi – THE CORONATION OF POPPEA from Opéra de Lille. Starting 06 May 2017 at 0h00 CET, the opera will be available as video on demand.


This opera is a full-length performance offered in addition to our regular programme. Subtitles in six languages will not be provided.