14 December 2015 at 14h00 CET
Duration: 02:36:13"


Polish National Opera offers its brand new production by David Pountney of STRASZNY DWÓR (“The Haunted Manor”) – the most beloved opera by Stanisław Moniuszko, a key figure in history of Polish music; a masterpiece of 19th century opera, tuneful, original and with an amusing story.

STRASZNY DWÓR (“The Haunted Manor”) was created at a seminal moment in Polish history at the time of the collapse of the uprising against Russian occupation in 1864.

The seemingly simple and amusing story of the brothers Stefan and Zbigniew who aim to win the hands of the two beautiful sisters Hanna and Jadwiga, evoked a happier past in a free Poland all too well. The opera therefore was banned by the tsar’s censor after its third performance. A favourite with Polish audiences from the very first moment, today STRASZNY DWÓR remains a national treasure, appreciated for its inventive Italianate melodies spiced with finely constructed ensembles, colourful orchestration and infectious Polish dance music.

The new staging by David Pountney offers an entirely new, original point of view on the work, which is intertwined with Polish tradition and history. The production promises to be a re-discovery for Polish audiences and help STRASZNY DWÓR find new admirers in the rest of the world.


Discover the beauty of the most well-loved Polish opera. Get to know the warm-hearted and playful characters. Spend an evening in a world ruled by love, family values and friendship. 

The production will be streamed live on the very day of the 50th anniversary of re-opening the house following its restoration after World War II. And, of course, on that evening of November 19 1965, the curtain rose to a jewel of Polish cultural heritage: STRASZNY DWÓR – “The Haunted Manor”.



Edyta Piasecka - Hanna
Elzbieta Wróblewska - Jadwiga
Tadeusz Szlenkier - Stefan
Rafal Siwek - Zbigniew
Adam Kruszewski - Sword-bearer
Ryszard Minkiewicz - Damazy
Aleksander Teliga - Skoluba
Anna Borucka - Chamberlain's wife
Zbigniew Macias - Maciej
Wanda Franek - Old woman
Joanna Motulewicz - Marta
Damian Wilma - Grzes
Music director: Andriy Yurkevych
Choir director: Violetta Bielecka
Costumes: Marie-Jeanne Lecca
Choir: Polish National Opera Choir
Choreography: Emil Wesolowski
Composer: Stanislaw Moniuszko
Sets: Leslie Travers
Libretto: Jan Checinski
Lighting: Fabrice Kebour
Director: David Pountney
Orchestra: Polish National Opera Orchestra

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18 May 2016 at 23h59 CET
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The Opera Platform presents Moniuszko - STRASZNY DWÓR from Polish National Opera. Starting 14 December 2015 at 14h00 CET, the opera will be available as video on demand.


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