Charpentier - LA TROUPE D'ORPHÉE
Charpentier - LA TROUPE D'ORPHÉE Charpentier - LA TROUPE D'ORPHÉE Charpentier - LA TROUPE D'ORPHÉE
Charpentier - LA TROUPE D'ORPHÉE
03 March 2017 at 19h00 CET
Duration: 01:54:18"

Charpentier – LA TROUPE D’ORPHÉE

Baroque opera

The Dutch company OPERA2DAY reimagines Charpentier’s LA DESCENTE D’ORPHÉE AUX ENFERS as the story of a group of itinerant musicians surrounding the most divine singer of the mythic era. With a voice to charm the wildest beasts, follow Orpheus’s quest to bring back his beloved Eurydice.

After Eurydice dies, Orpheus travels down to the underworld in the hope that he can bring his love back. Hard though he tries, he cannot escape from the desire to look at her, thus losing her forever. Itinerant singers, dancers and musicians attempt to rid him of this pain. They have no desire to experience the pain and finality of the last farewell. Will this merry band of singers, dancers and musicians manage to dispel his melancholy mood?

LA TROUPE D’ORPHÉE is primarily a show about the transporting power of music and, secondly, about the making of theatre. The performance retells the story of Orpheus and Eurydice in an original way: This myth has been the source of inspiration for scores of composers, authors and artists as it was for Marc-Antoine Charpentier, one of the most talented and versatile composers of the baroque period. In this production, his masterful short opera LA DESCENTE D’ORPHÉE AUX ENFERS is the centrepiece, complimented by additional works he wrote for the comedies of Molière and some of his religious works.




Based in The Hague, OPERA2DAY creates a production inspired by the musical history of The Hague. From the middle of the seventeenth century, travelling groups of troubadours, often French, visited the town; even tennis courts and stables were used as stages for performances, which fused together song, dance, music and theatre.

OPERA2DAY has gathered their own troupe, a music-theatre ensemble consisting of dancers (De Dutch Don’t Dance Division), singers (Vox Luminis) and musicians (baroque ensemble OPERA2DAY), brought together to create this homage to Charpentier in the unique setting of the Grote Kerk of The Hague.


Sophie Junker - Eurydice
Stephanie True - Proserpina
Zsuzsi Tóth - Daphne
Amélie Renglet - Oenone
Victoria Cassano - Arethusa
Marine Fribourg - Mezzo soprano
Reinoud van Mechelen - Orpheus
Lionel Meunier - Apollo
Geoffroy Buffière - Pluto
Raphael Höhn - Haute-contre
Robert Buckland - Tenor
Music director: Hernán Schvartzman
Costumes: Joost van Wijmen
Choir: The Dutch Junior Dance Division
Choreography: Thom Stuart
Composer: Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Dance: Rinus Sprong
Sets: Herbert Janse
Lighting: Uri Rapaport
Director: Serge van Veggel
Orchestra: Baroque ensemble OPERA2DAY

Available until

02 April 2017 at 23h59 CET

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The Opera Platform presents Charpentier – LA TROUPE D’ORPHÉE from Opera2Day. Starting 03 March 2017 at 19h00 CET, the opera will be available as video on demand.


This opera is a full-length performance offered in addition to our regular programme. Subtitles in six languages will not be provided.