Bell - IN PARENTHESIS World premiere: "In Parenthesis", a new opera by Iain Bell, commemorates the Battle at the Somme (1916). Bell - IN PARENTHESIS
01 July 2016 at 20h00 CET
Duration: 01:44:21"


Contemporary opera

The world premiere of IN PARENTHESIS is British composer Iain Bell’s adaptation of the epic poem by Welsh writer David Jones. Directed by David Pountney, the opera was commissioned as part of the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary.

Private John Ball and his comrades in the Royal Welch Fusiliers are posted to the Somme. In Mametz Wood they enter a strange realm – outside of time, dream-like but deadly

Rather than simply reporting the horrors of the Somme, IN PARENTHESIS dares to offer hope. Bell’s beautiful score combines traditional Welsh song with moments of other-worldliness, terror, humour and transcendence. David Pountney’s period production is both an evocation and a commemoration of the events of the Somme.

Born in London in 1980, Iain Bell is best known for his vocal music work both for opera and song, as well as his close artistic relationship with soprano Diana Damrau, for whom he has written various works including DAUGHTERS OF BRITANNIA and THE HIDDEN PLACE as well as the opera A HARLOT’S PROGRESS, staged in 2013 at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna. His second opera A CHRISTMAS CAROL premiered in 2014 at the Houston Grand Opera, starring Jay Hunter Morris and directed by Simon Callow. IN PARENTHESIS is Bell’s third opera and premiered in May 2016 at Wales Millennium Centre.



Andrew Bidlack - Private John Ball
Peter Coleman-Wright - Bard of Brittannia, HQ Officer
Alexandra Deshorties - Bard of Germania, Alice the Barmaid, Queen of the Woods
George Humphreys - Lieutenant Jenkins
Marcus Farnsworth - Lance Corporal Lewis
Mark Le Brocq - Sergeant Snell
Donald Maxwell - Dai Greatcoat
Graham Clark - The Marne Sergeant
Composer: Iain Bell
Libretto: David Antrobus, Emma Jenkins
Music director: Carlo Rizzi
Director: David Pountney
Sets: Robert Innes Hopkins
Lighting: Malcolm Rippeth
TV production: Rondo Media

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31 January 2017 at 23h59 CET
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The Opera Platform presents Bell - IN PARENTHESIS from Welsh National Opera. Starting 01 July 2016 at 20h00 CET, the opera will be available as video on demand.


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