Contemporary opera

Opera celebrates its past but lives in the present.  It renews its appeal through the creativity of contemporary artists – singers, conductors, directors, writers and, above all, composers.  The Opera Platform seeks to show the very best of later 20th and early 21st century opera and of what is being written today by the most innovative artists.  It will show a selection of the most talked-about European opera premières in the theatre and aims to play a part in the technological development of opera for the future.

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Oper Stuttgart: L'Ecume des jours


A rare opportunity to see L’ÉCUME DES JOURS by Edison Denisov. Oper Stuttgart’s directing team Jossi Wieler and Sergio Morabito bring out the contemporary drama in a work that moves freely between avant-garde musical styles, opera, jazz and elements inspired by musicals.

Welsh National Opera: Le Vin herbé


Sweet compassion instead of ecstatic love: Frank Martin’s LE VIN HERBÉ offers a new interpretation of the tale of TRISTAN AND ISEULT, which goes beyond Wagnerian pathos. Tom Randle and Caitlin Hulcup embody the fatal lovers in the new production by Welsh National Opera.



Finnish National Opera presents the world premiere of the new Finnish opera AUTUMN SONATA, composed by Sebastian Fagerlund and based on the film of the same name by Ingmar Bergman.


Opéra national du Rhin | Doctor Atomic - Extract

The first production in France of John Adams's 'Faust opera' about J Robert Oppenheimer's fateful 'Manhattan Project' which led to the development of the atomic bomb and its deployment over Hiroshima. Directed by the great American choreographer Lucinda Childs and with Dietrich Henschel as Oppenheimer, this is truly opera about and for today.
La Monnaie: Powder Her Face

La Monnaie | POWDER HER FACE - Making of

Stage director, Mariusz Trelinksi, introduces his approach and fascination with “Powder Her Face”. This short documentary offers glimpses behind the scenes, revealing the exuberant process of a great director at work.
Den Norske: Peer Gynt - Teaser

Den Norske Opera | Peer Gynt - Teaser

What does it mean to be Norwegian in 2014? Here is Ibsen’s iconic anti-hero reinvented by Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere to explore the timeless legacy of his identity.