Contemporary opera

Opera celebrates its past but lives in the present.  It renews its appeal through the creativity of contemporary artists – singers, conductors, directors, writers and, above all, composers.  The Opera Platform seeks to show the very best of later 20th and early 21st century opera and of what is being written today by the most innovative artists.  It will show a selection of the most talked-about European opera premières in the theatre and aims to play a part in the technological development of opera for the future.

Operas (0)

Welsh National Opera: Le Vin herbé


Sweet compassion instead of ecstatic love: Frank Martin’s LE VIN HERBÉ offers a new interpretation of the tale of TRISTAN AND ISEULT, which goes beyond Wagnerian pathos. Tom Randle and Caitlin Hulcup embody the fatal lovers in the new production by Welsh National Opera.

28 April 2017 at 19h00 CET
Poznan Opera: Space Opera


Is mankind ready for space exploration? Stanley Kubrick’s SPACE ODYSSEY meets soap opera in SPACE OPERA, a new piece by young Polish composer Aleksander Nowak – first staged in 2015 by Poznań Opera.

Teatro Real: Bomarzo

Ginastera – BOMARZO

Once upon a time there was an Italian family who had a magnificent garden built near their palace. BOMARZO, the opera by the Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera, streamed live from Teatro Real Madrid in its first Spanish production starts at least like a fairy tale.

05 May 2017 at 19h55 CET
Komische Oper Berlin: Medea

Reimann – MEDEA

Driven by love, Medea leaves her native land only to find her hopes shattered in a far-off country. Benedict Andrews directs Komische Oper’s new production of Reimann’s MEDEA. Nicole Chevalier leads the cast in the title role. Contemporary music theatre at its best!

21 May 2017 at 19h00 CET
Icelandic Opera: Ragnheidur

Þórðarson - RAGNHEIÐUR

The daughter of the bishop of Skálholt loves her young teacher, even though her father exhorts her to remain a virgin. Gunnar Þórðarson‘s opera RAGNHEIÐUR, first staged in 2013, tells the true story of a fatal love in 17th century’s Iceland.

05 May 2017 at 19h00 CET