European Opera Days

THE OPERA PLATFORM celebrates its first anniversary and the tenth edition of the European Opera Days by bringing back popular streams from the past year. 

Each year on the weekend closest to 9 May (Europe Day), opera houses in Europe and beyond open their doors to new and existing audiences to celebrate the art of opera and the talent of those who make it.

(Re-)discover great opera performances, and browse through the diversity and richness of opera in our collection of extracts and back-stage moments from around the continent.

Opera Narodowa - Polish National Opera


A heady mix of strong emotions and young vocal talent offered live from Warsaw! The INTERNATIONAL STANISŁAW MONIUSZKO VOCAL COMPETITION is considered one of opera's most prestigious singing contest.  A competition such as this is not just about rivalry but it is about shared feeling, learning and, for many, a discovery of the riches of the Polish operatic repertoire.

Greek National Opera

Greek National Opera | Visiting Greece's single opera company

A short introduction to the Greek National Opera, the only lyric theatre of Greece. In 2016, Greek National Opera is relocating to its new premises at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC), signed by the acclaimed architect Renzo Piano.
Opéra de Lyon: Maîtrise

Opéra de Lyon | The Maîtrise Singing School

A behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Maîtrise of the Opéra de Lyon where children and young people learn - in parallel to their general schooling - the art of singing, acting and movement.
La Monnaie

La Monnaie | Hannigan, Degout and Gillet on La Monnaie

Barbara Hannigan, Stéphane Degout and Anne-Catherine Gillet love coming back to the opera house in Brussels. La Monnaie’s solid reputation is founded on an innovative spirit and tremendous artistic liberty. And yet the professional ethos is no bar to a warm-hearted atmosphere.
The making of a Scottish Opera Costume

Scottish Opera | How to Make a Costume

Behind the scenes in the Costume Department at Scottish Opera - find out what went into the making of Donna Elvira's costume for their 2013 production of Don Giovanni.