Composers of Russia

You automatically think of Italy when someone speaks of opera? Rossini, Verdi and Puccini? But how about Tchaikovsky, Rimski-Korsakov and Shostakovich?

The 19th century is without any doubt the Golden Age of opera – in Russia as well as in Western and Central Europe. Mikhail Glinka writes RUSLAN AND LYUDMILA and Modest Mussorgsky composes BORIS GODUNOV and KHOVANSHCHINA, while Piotr Tchaikovsky and Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov create unforgettable operas based on texts by Alexander Pushkin: EUGENE ONEGIN and THE QUEEN OF SPADES, as well as MOZART AND SALIERI and THE GOLDEN COCKEREL.

On the verge of the 20th century – in the last days of the Tsarist Empire and in the troubled times of the Russian Revolution – young composers such as Sergei Prokofiev, Igor Stravinsky and Dmitri Shostakovich turn towards new soundscapes, their music reaching the public of Paris, London and New York.

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It’s all hustle and bustle at the Sorochintsy Fair. The operatic and comic rarity by Mussorgsky is for the first time in seventy years back at the Komische Oper and in Berlin – directed by Barrie Kosky and conducted by Henrik Nánási. Enjoy the premiere live on THE OPERA PLATFORM.

La Monnaie: Le Coq d'or


THE GOLDEN COCKEREL is a political satire in a setting in Russia. Rimsky-Korsakov’s music mixes elements of folklore and oriental influence. Laurent Pelly’s production at La Monnaie is sure to draw out the spectacular in this timeless story.

Royal Opera House London_The Nose_1

Shostakovich - THE NOSE

One morning, Major Kovalov discovers his nose has gone missing. A desperate nose-hunt ensues. Barrie Kosky makes his Royal Opera debut with a new production of Shostakovich’s surrealist satire, conducted by Ingo Metzmacher and translated by David Pountney....

Sonic Solveig: Casse-Noisette

Feel the music at your finger tips!

Behind the clouds you will find the symphonic orchestra of Piotr Tchaikovsky… Listen to the sound of each instrument and discover its history…. Enjoy picking out the instruments from the same family and guessing where the strings, wind instruments and percussion are hiding!  Have you ever seen a celesta...? Each of Tchaikovsky’s instruments from THE NUTCRACKER is waiting for you. You can discover other musical games and the story of THE NUTCRACKER in this app: THE NUTCRACKER AND THE MOUSE KING.

Komische Oper Berlin: Jewgeni Onegin

Komische Oper | YEVGENIY ONEGIN - final scene

‘One of the greatest unhappy love stories of operatic literature’ says director, Barrie Kosky, about YEVGENIY ONEGIN. He directed a new production of the Tshaikovsky opera at the Komische Oper Berlin in January 2016.
La Monnaie: Le Coq d'or

"The Tale is a Mask"

After CENDRILLON and DON QUICHOTTE, Laurent Pelly returns to la Monnaie in Brussels for the third time with a magical plot: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL. In our interview, the French stage director talks about the radiant attraction of Russian tales and the magic of fairy-tales.